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MAY 15 TO 19, 2022 IN MONTREAL

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A cosmopolitan urban centre of over 4 million inhabitants, Montreal combines the dynamism of a diverse and modern population with the historic charm and unique attractions of one of North America’s oldest cities. Founded in 1642 as a French missionary colony and built by the fur trade, the city today is a world leader in fields such as information technology, biotechnology, games, aerospace, multimedia and medicine. Its four universities host over 185,000 students, including some 25,000 international students hailing from more than 150 countries.

Beyond the strengths of industry, finance and education, a rich cultural life opens itself to residents and visitors alike. Designated a UNESCO City of Design, Montreal hosts a plethora of international festivals, exhibitions and acclaimed cultural events throughout the year, featuring theatre, jazz, country, fine art, film, comedy, sports and more. And whether in search of a quick bite, a nice lunch or fine dining, lovers of good food will find the taste they are looking for in Montreal’s renowned culinary scene, or simply on a stroll through a farmer’s market.

Proud of its French character, the city welcomes over 10.5 million visitors each year in both of Canada’s official languages. Friendly, open and active, Montreal offers secure city streets with accessible urban transport. For those wishing to experience the natural grandeur of the province of Québec, a vast and outstanding landscape of rivers, lakes, forests, valleys and ancient mountains is open to visitors throughout the year, just beyond the city limits.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada


May 15 to 19, 2022

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